Help to Set up a Counseling Center in Lagos, Nigeria.

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We want to set up a center with team of qualified Counselors and Psychologists that will help people discover their strengths and find solutions to complex human problems and promote change.

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The need for Counseling can not be underrated especially in a society like ours in Nigeria where suicide attempt due to depression has become the order of the day.

There is need for us at a certain point in life to talk to someone who is professionally trained and well equipped with Psychological skills and techniques.  The proposed Counseling center would offer Online Counseling to those who are not resident in Lagos as they can call in through a dedicated phone line and be attended to by Mobile Counselors while those within can come in anytime to meet with a Professional Counselor for free.

The center shall cover Marriage, Relationship, Educational, Personal-Social, Health and Career Counseling. This center wants to help proffer possible solutions to our various challenges. We all need Counseling so kindly donate so we can achieve this feet.

Counseling centers are rare in Nigeria with only a few practicing Counseling due to lack of fund to set up a center. Counseling centers are however found in churches where only a small aspect of Counseling is offered call Pastoral Counseling. There is an urgent need for a Professional Counseling Center that can bridge that gap.

Setting up a Counseling Center would require an Office space, Furnishing, Mobile Phones and Laptops (For Online Counseling), Tables, Wardrobe, One way glass, bed etc. Over the years, I have been able to offer this service through Phone calls and my Facebook page (Talk2StanPio) for free and this is my passion hence assist me to do more.

The total cost of this project is estimated at N3 Million but the first phase we request your donation for is N1 Million. Thank you so much for your support.