A Dream High School For Gloryland Children in Uganda


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Gloryland Kids
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Build a brighter future for the less privileged Children — quality education for Gloryland.
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About Gloryland Children’s Home

Gloryland Children’s Home is a Community Based Initiative started by Pr. Waswa Moses Tinsley, to help provide Health, education support and care to the orphaned, less privileged Children  affected/infected by HIV/AIDS, poverty and other calamities in Uganda.

Gloryland Children’s Home mainly focuses on two programmes namely: school education and child caring ministry. The purpose is to uplift the vulnerable children and their parents/guardians out of the mire and to contribute towards the reduction of HIV/AIDS and poverty in the area. The program provides children with an opportunity to acquire literacy skills and education for future self-reliance and development. The caring ministry provides the physiological and psychological needs to the children and restores their peace of mind, spirituality and hope in life.


The child care and educational support for the less privileged children in the area is an all-embracing approach to the educational needs of the disadvantaged children registered at the center. A large number of children living in this area are disadvantaged orphaned and vulnerable; they are most cases malnourished, affected or infected children with less hope for the better future!

Exactly What Would Your Dollars Provide?

When you back this project, you be paying for the construction of the school, recruiting the teachers, buying the desks, and ultimately, for making a high school education possible for the children in this orphanage. You are funding the future of Ugandan men and women.

We’ve already started building a new home in Mubende, Uganda, funding it ourselves. With your help, we can finish the structure and furnish it, creating a home for the children.

Building Site

To finish and furnish the home, we need $30,000 USD. Money goes a long way in Uganda! Should we exceed our goal, things get even more exciting.

Our goal is to support them and make their dream of education a reality.

Other Ways You Can Help!

If for some reason, you just can’t contribute, you can still help:

Get the word out and make some noise about Gloryland Children’s Home. Send e-mails, post on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to use the Imeela share this project tools in the upper mid center of this page. Every view, every click, every share really does count.

Be a light in these children’s lives.

Thank you!