How much does Imeela cost?

It’s free to launch your campaign on Imeela, fees are deducted from each donation you receive.

Per contribution, you may encounter the following types of fees:

  • Imeela’s platform fee: 6%
  • Third party fees for payment processors:
    • 1.50% + N100 per successful charge for local debit/credit cards capped at ₦2000.
    • 3.90% + N100 per successful charge for International debit/credit cards.
  • Contributors may be charged additional international processing fees: If your credit card is based outside Nigeria, you may be subject to an additional international processing fee from your credit card issuer since the currency of the campaign is in Naira NGN.

Please note:

  • All fees are based on and applied to the amount of funds raised, not your goal amount.
  • All Third party fees are approximate. The exact amount depends on your country and the amount of funds raised.
  • Contributors can contribute from anywhere in the world to campaigns. Imeela does not charge any fees, but depending on the currency of the credit card, they will bear the exchange rate and any additional exchange charges as determined by their credit card issuer.

All payments are processed by our e-payment providers Paystack, Simplepay Limited and Unified Payment Services Limited.


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