Solar education In Nigeria

Imeela Leading Solar Education in Nigeria

Solar technology is a leading technology of the future, making it imperative that the next generation both learn and embrace renewable energy. Leading the way in education for solar power is Imeela, organizing solar installation programs in Nigeria. Their work is not only empowering the small village, but is putting forth the groundwork for future sites as well.

Imeela’s current workshop at Nkwerre High School, imo State is giving students the education for not only today but the future as well. Teaching them how to build, maintain and repair solar installations is a segue into countless possibilities. Teaching these children the skills needed to maintain and install solar systems is a solution they might not have had otherwise.

Empowering the children of Nigeria with the vocational skills to start a service startup, knows the future of the children at Nkwerre is that much brighter. But Imeela can’t do it alone, and they’ve got their sights set on expanding their skills course. This comprehensive skill program will include enrichening programs such as bakery & catering services, make-up artist, technicians, fashion designers, shoe-makers, ICT support and much more.

How you Can Help with Education

Although the solar program in Nigeria is well underway, needs your help for long-term viability. With your help and generous contributions of expert knowledge, Imeela can continue to build a sustainable energy resource in Nigeria.

Together with Engr. Julian Igbo, a member of European Energy Center and International Green Apple Award Winner 2014, Imeela is spearheading solar education and renewable sources of energy. Because the skill program is still small in size, your generous contributions will make a tremendous impact.

Here’s an example of our education program in Imo state, Nigeria.
Workshop Completed on April 29th 2016 – 12:00 noon to 2:45 PM

  •  Theoretical Introduction to Renewable Energy
  •  Practical Demonstration and Hands On Experience
  •  Lectures given by Green World Ambassador Engr. Julian Igbo
  •  Follow up workshops scheduled

Education doesn’t stop at just the hands on experience and lectures either. aims to expand the program to continue solar education moving forward. The platform is making their goals a reality, and giving students at Nkwerre High School the education and motivation they need for the future.

Find out how to help to start a project for vocational courses using Imeela’s platform or start a Nigerian crowdfunding program. Together we can make a difference to the children of Nigeria and make their world a little greener, one child at a time.

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