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If you have an inspiring idea and you are determined and passionate about it we are ready to help you bring it to life. We will help you with your strategy and to create a great campaign. In addition we will provide you with community support and be there every step of the way. Imeela is there to support entrepreneurs and start-up to get their ideas off the ground, to amplify their ideas and in the end, realize your potential. Join one of Nigeria’s first crowd funding platform to turn your idea into a profitable business venture.

We offer productive jobs for the young population. Since the banks and financial institutions are limiting the access to money, we have created reliable system which will provide abundant opportunities for startups in various industries like fashion, e-commerce, film, entertainment and technology. That is why Imeela – crowdfunding system in Nigeria exists.

Imeela.com is an online fundraising concept that provides a way of raising money to fund creative projects and businesses in Nigeria.

This is fantastic opportunity for filmmakers, software developers, small businesses, petty traders, fashion designers, shoe makers, ICT startups, farmers, NGO’s, catering services, makeup artist, writers, musicians and others wanting to raise the money.

This concept of funding allows raising capital from many individuals who believe in your venture, project or cause with each making small donations that add up to a lot. Contributor’s primary objective for funding is to support projects with no expected compensation or a non-financial reward such as a token or in the case of a manufactured product, a first edition release.

Imeela is a trademark and service of CBCM Nigeria GmbH Limited. CBCM Nigeria GmbH Limited is listed in the Nigeria Commercial Registry (RC 1298156).

To ensure a positive fundraising experience for both campaign owners and contributors, Imeela infrastructures and all associated data are hosted in an entirely secure environment in Switzerland. As a country, Switzerland enjoys an international reputation for quality, security, precision and innovation. Hosting our platform in Switzerland is a clear demonstration of our commitment to these values.

Our mission is to help eliminate barriers to creativity, innovation and passion.

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